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      JD Research Insights
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      Company dynamics

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      Expert Team
      Classic Cases
      • In August 3, 2005, Asia fruit Holdings Limited was listed on the London AIM board, issuing 10 million 775 thousand and 8...
      Our Competitive Edges

      We are general advisers, general supervisors, and general referees, from the enterprise perspective, to ensure the low cost specification of the enterprise (IPO).

      We offer global IPO services, giving companies globe choice of listing markets.

      We provide incubation services through training advisory and financing to assist companies to improve their listing requirements.

      With the advantages of our extensive practical knowledge and large database of financial industrial chain, our work is professional and highly integrated with the work procedures of securities companies, law firms, certified public accounting firms and asset appraisal organizations.

      We collaborate with many other funds, investment companies providing our clients highly efficient financing channels.

      We offer a professional advice that is highly in line with the interest of our clients, providing effective IPO planning and M&A advisory services with lower fees.

      Dedicated to Delivering Expertise

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